“You should make money with your photography!”
I get this a lot. If you agree, I have a lot of ways you can support me! Some are even free! Here they are. If you’re interested in any of these options and have questions, just let me know.
My two preferred platforms are Patreon and Etsy. They have the lowest fees combined with the most stuff for YOU. (Also, the more people who support there, the more people will stumble across the links.) More about them later.
Thank you to the following supporters!
April H.
Galen T.
You can help me out without spending a dime! Not even a penny (if we even had pennies anymore).
Twitch:  Twitch viewers can subscribe to their favourite channels (more on that below). If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get one free subscription each month to use on whatever channel you’re interested in. The only catch is that you have to come in and re-subscribe each month.
twitch.tv/auroralee1013     |     Cost to you: $0 (well, just your Prime membership)     |     I get: $2.50/mo.
Share these links with your friends and family!  You hear about someone looking for greeting cards, art for their walls, or gifts? Send them my way!
Pay What You Want! Starting at $1
Whether it’s buying a $1 postcard or a $100/mo. subscription, anything helps!
Patreon: As I mentioned before, this is my preferred source of artistic income.  For as little as $1 a month, you become a patron of my art. There are different levels of monthly support and each level gets you more and more stuff in return to horde all to yourself or give as gifts and share the love! You’ll get digital rewards at lower tiers and physical art and store discounts as you move up the tiers.  Check out the tiers, my goals, and figure out what level is right for you. Want to donate $10 to my art? Sign up for Patreon, become my patron, and spread that donation out across the year. You can change your level of support or quit at any time.
patreon.com/justinemacdonaldphotos     |     Cost to you: As little as $1/mo.     |     I get: About 90% (on average) minus expenses.
Etsy: This is my store for handmade items (mixed media art, fiber art, jewelry, in-stock prints). Buy my stuff! You’ll find everything from a $1 postcard to $300 prints. I also sell magnets, pendants and other random stuff. Buy something for you or a friend. You both deserve it.  Patrons at the $5 a month level or higher get a discount at my store! If you’re local, contact me before completing your purchase. I’ll give you ‘free shipping’ and we can meet up and I’ll deliver it in person.
etsy.com/ca/shop/justinephotos |     Cost to you: As little as $1+shipping     |     I get: About 50% after fees and expenses
Tip the Artist: You can, of course, just give me money. But I never recommend it.  You don’t get anything out of it! Then I feel weird. But… I’m not going to turn down your money. Contact me for a link to tip me through Paypal or eTransfer.
email me for the links     |     Cost to you: Whatever you want!     |     I get: 97-100%
DeviantArt:  My mixed media portfolio. You can purchase digital files or prints of my art!
https://www.deviantart.com/auroralee1013  |  Cost to you: Starting at $1  |  I get: 25% after fees
Support at $5 or More
I mean, I’m not going to stop you.
Twitch: (Twitch has all the options!)  As I mentioned earlier, you can subscribe to your favourite channels for $5, $15, or $25 per month. You can set it to automatically renew or resubscribe each month.  Subscribers get stream shout-outs and access to a subscriber-only Discord channel.
twitch.tv/auroralee1013     |     Cost to you: As little as $5/mo.     |     I get: 50%
Twitch also has ‘bits’. You buy a bundle of bits (the lowest bundle is 100 bits for $2) and you can share them among the streamers you watch on the site.
twitch.tv/auroralee1013     |     Cost to you: As little as $2     |     I get: $0.01 per bit
RedBubble: This is my store for swag and photography prints and gifts. Everything from postcards to dresses; phone cases to pillows!
https://www.redbubble.com/people/auroralee-1013  |  Cost to you: As little as $5+tax and shipping  |  I get:  20-25% after fees
Purchase a Print!:  Prints start at $25 plus shipping (or local delivery). Almost all of my photographs are available for purchase as a print. Just browse through this link, or look for the ‘etsy’ tag on any of my Flickr photos. Some prints are available on Etsy already or contact me for something custom.
​​​​​​​IRL: Purchase my art in real life at markets, museums, galleries and more! Check out my portfolio site for updates. You’ll support the organization as well as me!
I do workshops, photo shoots and commissions. 
** Workshops start at $75/hr
** Commissions start at $100
** Photo shoots start at $200
Mixed Media Art
** Traditional art commissions start at $20 for a 3"x3" piece.
** Jewelry starts at $10.
** Things to keep in mind: My pieces are more abstract / impressionistic. I don't do portraits. 
Cross Stitch
I don't generally take cross stitch commissions, but it never hurts to ask! I've made exceptions.
Cross stitch commissions start at $10 for a 3"x3" piece.
Terms and Conditions
** Buyer pays full shipping plus $5 handling fee. (The Handling fee may be waived for smaller pieces.)  I am located in Canada and ship via Canada Post.
** A commission booking fee of 50% of the commission price (not including shipping) is required to hold your spot.
** Commission booking fee is credited to the price of your item, with the balance required before shipping your piece. 
** Paying for shipping before or after shipment is negotiable.
** Contact me for complete terms and conditions.
Follow Me
Not ready to support? Follow along with my adventures anyway. See what I’m up to and, not gonna lie, maybe something will come across your feed that will interest you enough to treat yourself, or a friend, to something!
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However you choose to support – THANK YOU – I really appreciate it!
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